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  • We are NOT a Semi-Professional club who will pay you for playing. We are strictly amateur (Sunday League) and you will have to pay ‘Subs’ if you want to play for us. (Please see the Annual Subs and Match Subs sections for details).
  • We play on Sunday MORNINGS !
  • We only run ONE TEAM. To get a regular game you will need to be committed, pay your subs and have the necessary ability.
  • We are an ADULT MENS 11-A-SIDE team and we cannot take on players aged under 16.
  • We are NOT a Disability Team...and the League we play in does not have a Disability Division.
  • We will only take on players who already live in or near the London Borough of Enfield. We do not arrange visas and work permits for players from abroad.
  • Players will NOT be taken on who give us a false name & date of birth and/or have no online evidence of having played for previous clubs at the standard we require.
  • Players will NOT be taken on unless they attend a Pre-Season or regular-season training session at which their ability can be assessed.



For Season 2018-2019 we will be running just the ONE adult mens 11-a-side team in Division One of the BARNET SUNDAY LEAGUE. Several teams in the Barnet Sunday League play in the London Borough of Enfield like ourselves, while others play in the Boroughs of Barnet and Haringey. We joined this League in 2016 after the Waltham Sunday League (which we had previously been in for 28 years) folded. Our first season in the Barnet Sunday League saw us win the Division Two title, hence our promotion to Division One for last season. Despite finishing in the bottom half of the table in our first season in Division One and an extra division being added this season, the League have kept us in the same division for this campaign. The League season starts on the first Sunday of September and finishes in early May.



We will be playing in the Barnet Sunday League’s SENIOR CUP, which is for all teams in the League, and also the League CHALLENGE CUP, which is for all teams in the Premier Division and Division One.
Details of our opponents will be displayed on the Latest Club News page of this website once the draws are made.



We are affiliated to the LONDON FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION, which means that we can enter London F.A. Sunday Cup competitions each season. This season we will once again be playing in the LONDON SUNDAY JUNIOR CUP, which is supposed to be for teams in the lower divisions of their respective Leagues.

The London F.A. Cup Competitions can see us having to travel to awkward places to get to such as Mitcham, Crystal Palace and Putney (for 10.30.a.m. kick-offs !), but the travelling is often good for team spirit, especially if we win.

Click on the London F.A. Sunday Junior Cup link above to view the Draw & Results from this season’s competition once they appear from late-August onwards. Details of our opponents will be displayed on the Latest Club News page of this website.
A history of our results in London F.A. Sunday Competitions over the years can be found here.



Our current first choice kit is Green Shirts, Black Shorts & Green Socks, with green (or various shades of it !) being our traditional club colours. Our current Green & Black kit is custom-made by

Our change strip is Orange Shirts, Black Shorts & Black Socks.
The Barnet Sunday League have a rule in place where the HOME team has to change colours in the event of a clash, so unfortunately we may have to wear our 25-year old orange kit a few more times this season...unless we can obtain sponsorship for a new one.
CLICK HERE to view of PDF of team photos featuring all the different kits we have worn since our formation in 1976.



Our current first-choice green & black kit is sponsored by chartered accountants ANTHONISZ NEVILLE LLP.
Please support these sponsors by visiting their website and using their services if needed.
We also have a sponsorship from BRISTOL STREET MOTORS WALTHAM CROSS for match-day rain jackets for our players and Management team. Please support these sponsors by clicking on their logo (right) to visit their website and using their services if needed.
Other sponsorship options are still available to help with the filming of our matches and the production of match highlights on You Tube.
Please contact Club Secretary Laurence Hughes if your company are interested.



Club Secretary Laurence Hughes is a professional cameraman specialising in the filming of Non-League football matches and as such, the club is used as his main ‘advertising vehicle’. Every match has been filmed (properly) since way back in February 1990 (except for about 20 occasions when needed as a player !).
Highlights of matches from Season 2009-2010 onwards are all on You Tube, with matches from late November 2013 onwards having been filmed in high definition.

For highlights from the current season, visit the Match Reports page and click on the yellow Highlights links. For highlights from previous seasons, go to the Archive Section on this website, then once you have chosen a Season, click on Match Reports and choose the yellow highlights link of the match you want to watch.
The Hughes Video Services Channel on You Tube (featuring Edmonton Rovers matches and other Non-League games) can be found at  
This season we are having a professional commentary recorded onto our match highlights on You Tube. Please contact Club Secretary Laurence Hughes if your company are interested in sponsoring the match highlights so that we can continue paying for the commentary.



Our Home Ground is Pitch Two at the Edmonton Sports & Social Club, Church Street, Edmonton, London N9 9HL. This is a private ground with excellent facilities including modern spacious changing rooms, a clubhouse & bar and plenty of car parking space. We also have the goalnets and corner flagposts already put up for us, while the pitches are all rolled & forked and have the grass cut...unlike many local Council pitches. This venue is also the Home of Norsemen F.C. on Saturdays, Norsemen Youth on Sundays and Edmonton Cricket Club during the Summer.
Here is a pitch map of the Edmonton Sports & Social Club.
Pitch Two is otherwise known as the ‘Allotment Pitch’ in the top left-hand corner of the ground where one of the corner flags is almost on the A10. That is the second-best pitch over there, but if it is waterlogged or unavailable for a particular match, we sometimes have the option of playing on Pitch Five, which is the ‘Best Grocers Pitch’ furthest away through the gap in the trees on the right. The Norsemen First XI Pitch is generally only used on Sunday mornings if the weather has been good during the season and any of the teams playing over there (i.e. ourselves and the various Norsemen Youth teams) have an important match such as a Cup Semi-Final or a League title decider.



The general rule is that all registered players are expected to be available for selection for every match unless they inform Team Manager Tony McKay otherwise.

As the Barnet Sunday League allow five substitutes to be used on a roll-on, roll-off basis, we therefore pick a squad of 16 for every match. That squad is then named on the Friday before the match using the WhatsApp Group that we have for all our registered players.

If players need to know if they are likely to get a FULL game (or ‘decent runout’) or not BEFORE they travel to a particular match (because they have the option to work or baby-sit instead), they must contact the Team Manager privately.



All League & Cup Matches in the Barnet Sunday League generally Kick-Off at, as do the majority of matches in London F.A. Sunday Cup Competitions.

Players must arrive at the venue for matches by 9.30.a.m. at the latest with a view to being changed and out on the pitch ready for the pre-match warm-up by 10.00.a.m. Players who are not changed and ready for the warm-up could find themselves being named as a substitute or left out of the squad altogether (at the Team Manager’s discretion).

If you are going to be late for the pre-match warm-up or have had to ‘cry off’ at the ‘last minute’, please post a message in the WhatsApp Group or contact Manager Tony McKay on 07940 002488 as soon as possible.

All players who do not drive are expected to make their own arrangements for a lift from their team-mates or by using public transport.

If players cause a late kick-off by arriving late, they will have to share the cost of the fine between them if the club is fined by the League.



Any player named in a squad who does not turn up for a match without informing a member of the Management Committee of the reason beforehand will be suspended for the next match unless the Team Manager decides otherwise.



Quite often during the course of a season we have a number of matches called off at the ‘last minute’ (i.e. between 8.30.a.m. & 10.00.a.m.) on a Sunday morning due to waterlogged or frozen pitches or no referee being available, which is a problem that all Sunday Leagues face. Whenever that happens, all players named in the squad will be informed via the club WhatsApp Group and/or texted by Laurence Hughes or the Team Manager. If the weather looks 'dodgy', but you have not heard anything by 9.30.a.m., then you MUST take it that the game is still on and turn up at the venue. Any player who wrongly assumes that a game will be called off and therefore stays in bed will be left out of the squad for the next match, and especially if it leaves us with less than eleven players.

Club Members who are not in the squad for a particular match and are not in the WhatsApp Group will not be contacted, so if they intend coming along to watch the game, they are advised to check with Laurence Hughes first to see if the game is still on. In most cases it will be announced on Twitter straight away if a game has been called off anyway.

In the case of frozen pitches, local Council groundsmen do not call the games off and leave it up to the referee to make a decision, which means we all have to turn up at the venue even if it seems ‘obvious’ that the game will not go ahead. If the opposition are there but the majority of our players don’t bother to turn up because they think the game will be off, then the opposing team will be given the points even if the referee deems the pitch unplayable.


                      TRAINING SESSIONS DURING THE SEASON                 NEW !

Due to work shifts, University placements and the majority of our players generally living too far away to travel to Edmonton in midweek, we have not had any training sessions during the season for the last two years.

However, as last season was ruined by a lack of teamwork from us having to use 60 different players, many of whom did not know each other and were thrown straight into matches without us being able to see them play first, we have now hired half a full-size floodlit 3G pitch at Enfield Playing Fields for a one-hour session on Wednesday evenings every week from the 5th September onwards between 9.00 - 10.00 p.m.
The drive-in entrance for the 3G pitch is in Donkey Lane, EN1 3PL,
and that is where we will meet as we cannot use changing rooms & showers.

Midweek training sessions on the actual pitch will be used for ballwork and tactics only, but we will use the playing fields outside the cage for a 30-45 minute fitness session beforehand depending on the weather.
All players attending training will be charged £5.00 each as the facilities are expensive to hire. Players who have not paid their Annual Subs (including trialists) MUST pay their £5.00 fees on the night (either in cash or online into the club account). If new players brought along by currently-registered players do not pay, then that amount will be added on to the subs owed of the current player responsible.

All players MUST make sure their bring the correct footwear for playing on a 3G pitch, which is plastic moulded studs only.



Our Pre-Season Training sessions this Summer will be held on Sunday mornings starting from the 15th July and also on Wednesday evenings starting from the 18th July.

Both sessions will be held at the Donkey Lane end of Enfield Playing Fields, near to the Outdoor Gym. (This is where we did our Pre-Season Training last Summer).

For those of our players/trialists who do not know where that part of Enfield Playing Fields is, the postcode is EN1 3PL. That will take you to the Queen Elizabeth Stadium (Enfield Town FC) where the car park is also used for Enfield Playing Fields.

All players must arrive at the venue by 10.00.a.m. for the Sunday morning sessions and as soon as they can after work for the Wednesday evening sessions. Manager Tony McKay will be at the venue for the Wednesday evening sessions from 6.00 pm onwards unless players are informed otherwise. We will start training for each session as soon as we have enough players changed and ready. If players turn up after we have already started, and particularly if they do not inform us that they are running late, they will NOT be picked to play in Pre-Season Friendlies if we have 16 other players available who DID turn up to Pre-Season Training on time or who informed us in advance that they were not available for a particular session. Frequent lateness for matches and training will NOT be tolerated.

Please note that there will be no use of any changing rooms (or floodlights) for Pre-Season Training at Enfield Playing Fields, so players will therefore not be charged any ‘subs’ for attending. Players are also advised to bring their own water (and insect repellant !)

Pre-Season Friendlies are normally arranged for every Sunday morning in August. We will once again be hiring a pitch at Enfield Playing Fields for most of them as the Edmonton Sports & Social Club will be unavailable due to cricket. Any Pre-Season Friendlies we arrange will be announced on the Forthcoming Fixtures page in late July.

Midweek Pre-Season Training Sessions at the Donkey Lane end of Enfield Playing Fields will continue throughout August once our Sunday morning Pre-Season Friendlies start.
Please note that new players will only be picked to play in Pre-Season Friendlies if they have attended Pre-Season Training (or if Manager Tony McKay has seen them play in a competitive match elsewhere).


                             PLAYER REGISTRATIONS (for playing on Sundays)              NEW RULE !

Due to the new GDPR (Data Protection) guidelines brought in this year, ALL PLAYERS have to sign a new Barnet Sunday League registration form before they play in a League match during Season 2018-2019.

The form (see image left) will be pre-printed for them with their name, address, date of birth and previous club, with it then being brought along to matches and training sessions for them to sign.
For new players, that information must be given to Club Secretary Laurence Hughes together with their mobile phone number and e-mail address once Manager Tony McKay has confirmed that they are good enough to be signed up after they have attended training sessions. They can then sign their form at the next session they attend.
Alternatively, the players could fill in the details on a downloadable registration form from here on the League website on their computers themselves, then print off and sign one half of the form and post it to Laurence Hughes at 9 Wimborne Road, Edmonton, London N9 9EZ...who then has to sign the form as well before posting it off. That second option will have to be done if certain players are unable to attend any training sessions or matches in Pre-Season.

The deadline for players to be registered to play for us in our first League match of the season (to be played on Sunday 2nd September) is (for us in terms of posting) Wednesday 22nd August.
However, the League do not charge a fee for the first 20 registrations per club if they are received on or before
Sunday 12th August, so ideally, that is the date that we MUST have all players from last season re-registered by. We are charged £5.00 per player for all registrations after the 12th August, so we need to save the club some money.
Players signing a form after Wednesday 22nd August date will miss that first League match, but from the following week onwards they have until a Friday evening before the game to put a signed Registration Form through the League Registration Secretary’s door in order to play in a match.
The League also allow one ‘emergency’ registration per team on the morning of a match so that teams do not end up playing with only 10 men. That works by informing the opposing Club Secretary before the kick-off that an emergency signing is being made.

Please note that the Barnet Sunday League do not currently require a passport-style photo for their player registrations. However, that is something that we are hoping they can bring in at some stage.



Unlike our previous League the Waltham Sunday, the Barnet Sunday League have a teamsheet that has to be printed off by the Home Team Secretary and signed by each player from both sides before the kick-off...even if it is pouring down with rain, the inkjet printing has smudged and the pen will not work ! We also have to complete teamsheets before the kick-off for London FA Sunday Junior Cup matches, but they are done by the Club Secretary or Manager only and do not have to be signed by the players. Needless to say, if any of our players turn up late and delay the kick-off through not having signed a Barnet Sunday League teamsheet, they will then have to pay the £8.00 fine that will be imposed by the League. This is another rule that we have been campaigning for the League to scrap...and for them to introduce player photo ID instead.


                                ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS (& ‘SIGNING-ON FEE’)                  NEW RULE !

Due to the club’s finances taking a hit last season from numerous players playing without paying and then leaving the club after only two or three matches, we are now bringing back ‘Annual Subs’ for all players for Season 2018-2019 after a two-year absence.  
All players who were registered with the club last season will be charged £25.00 each, while all new players will be charged £40.00 each.
These amounts MUST be paid before players are allowed to play in a competitive (League or Cup) match this season.
In addition to helping pay for this season’s pitch fees, Annual Subs will also help to subsidise the cost of midweek training sessions.
Cash payments for Annual Subs must be made to Club Secretary Laurence Hughes at matches or training sessions, but players can also pay online into the club account at 77-91-14 / 86725960 using their name as the Reference.
Please note that part-refunds of Annual Subs may be given (subject to a Management Committee decision) if a player is forced to leave the club during the course of a season because of an injury or from not being good enough to get into the squad for matches. However, players will NOT be refunded if they leave the club of their own accord because they do not like losing or because they owe the club a lot of money.
Similarly, if a player joins the club half-way through the season, they will be charged a reduced rate of Annual Subs (to be decided by the Management Committee).



As the Barnet Sunday League allow five substitutes to be used with roll-on, roll-off changes throughout the course of a match, we use a ‘sliding-scale’ system for our players to pay their Match Subs based on the total amount of time they spend on the field of play.

These are as follows:

£7.00 for 61-90 minutes (Over an hour)

£5.00 for 31-60 minutes (A decent run-out)

£3.00 for 5-30 minutes (Like a brief fitness workout down the gym !)

Free for less than 5 minutes ! (Compensation for getting injured or for just being a time-wasting sub).

Cash payments for Match Fees must be made to Club Secretary Laurence Hughes at matches or training sessions, but players can also pay their subs online into the club account at 77-91-14 / 86725960 using their name as the Reference.

If players need to know how much they owe, please text/message/e-mail Laurence Hughes.



  • All players MUST pay what they owe from the previous season before they are allowed to play in ANY match (including Pre-Season Friendlies) for Season 2018-2019. Also, players who wish to re-join the club MUST pay any subs they owe from their previous spell(s) before they are picked to play in any match.
  • New Players who are picked to play in a Pre-Season Friendly will not be allowed to play in a second Friendly until they have paid for the first match. If current players are responsible for bringing a new player along who does not pay Match Subs, then the amount that player has been charged will be added onto the subs owed of the player who brought him along.
  • No player (either current or new) will be allowed to play in a competitive (League or Cup) match until they have paid their Annual Subs (unless we cannot field eleven players without them).
  • Any player owing the club over £30.00 in subscriptions will only be played in competitive (League & Cup) matches if we do not have enough players without them. This is a rule that we have had in place for a number of years, although the limit has now been lowered from £50.00 to £30.00 this season to stop too many players taking advantage. This total includes money owed from previous seasons, part-payment of Annual Subs, midweek training session fees and any London F.A. Fines for bookings & sending-offs that have not been paid.
  • If players genuinely cannot afford to pay their subs because of work or family-related problems, a decision will then be made by the Team Manager in conjunction with the rest of the Management Committee as to whether they can be allowed to continue playing or not and/or for a reduced rate.



When a player is booked in a match and it is sent in to the London F.A. by the Referee, that player must pay the London F.A.’s £10.00 fine/administration charge by re-imbursing the club. Players who are booked five times or more in a season while playing for us will be liable to a further F.A. Fine (£10.00) and a one match suspension.



When a player is Sent Off in a match and it is sent in to the London F.A. by the Referee, that player must pay the London F.A.’s fine/administration charge by re-imbursing the club.
Players who get themselves sent off playing in Sunday League football are suspended for a number of matches instead of a number of days (the same as in all professional and Semi-Professional football on Saturdays). However, they will NOT be suspended for their Saturday club while they are suspended from playing for us (and vice-versa). If players are registered for two different Sunday clubs in different Leagues though, they cannot play for their other Sunday club while they are serving a suspension for the other.
All players should note the following before they do ‘something silly’ !:
A Sending-Off for a Professional Foul or for Two Bookable Offences is a ONE MATCH suspension and a £25.00 Fine.

A Sending-Off for ‘Serious Foul Play’ is a TWO MATCH suspension and a £35.00 Fine.

A Sending-Off for 'Swearing at the Referee' or for ‘Violent Conduct’ (e.g. Having a punch-up) is a THREE MATCH suspension and a £35.00 Fine.

Players who are Sent Off will not be played in matches (as a 'ringer') while they are under an F.A. Suspension.



During the past few seasons we have more-or-less phased out fining players ourselves. However, the Management Committee still have the power to suspend or expel any member who they have deemed to be ‘bringing the club into disrepute’ at training, matches or any other club functions.



All players are advised that if they play in any match for the club (including Friendlies), Referees will not allow them to take part if they do not have shinpads and/or if they are wearing jewellery. The club do have a couple of spare pairs of shinpads in the medical kit bag for when players genuinely forget to bring their own, but these must not be used as your first-choice pair every week. Also, in all competitive League & Cup matches, all outfield players must wear the same colour kit as provided by the club.



Unlike in the Waltham League (which we played in for 28 years), the Barnet Sunday League do not fine clubs who are unable to provide a willing Club Linesmen, mainly because some of the League’s Referees prefer not to use them. We also now have a regular non-playing volunteer in our goalkeeping coach Bob Cleary to do the job anyway (if required), so the Club Rule we used to have in our Waltham Sunday League days whereby players would have money off their subs owed if they were forced to run the line will no longer apply.



Over the past few seasons we have had problems with proper goalkeepers making themselves unavailable now and again and outfield players having to go in goal instead (against their will). We therefore have a rule whereby if an outfield player has to go in goal for a full match, they will be given £5.00 credit off their subs owed. Similarly, if a goalkeeper is forced to play as an outfield player, he will also be given a credit off his subs dependent on how long he is on the field of play for (at the Team Manager’s discretion).



All players, and particularly new players to the club, are advised that club kit MUST be handed in immediately after each match and put in the white ‘clothes washing’ bag which is in the black kit bag. The only kit which should be in the black kit bag at the end of the match is clean (unused) kit. Players are also advised that we only wash club kit, so no more underpants please !

If there are no showers at a venue and players ‘have to’ go home in their club shorts & socks, these must be brought back washed and clean for the following week’s match. If that player is not playing the following week, then they will have to make sure their kit is returned to a Management Committee member before that match takes place.
Please note that all used rain jackets go back in the big blue holdall ONLY.



Since the start of the 2013-2014 Season, we have had to pay for Player Injury Insurance as a club policy. This is now mandatory for all affiliated Sunday League Clubs and full details can be found here at Sportsguard. We have gone for the £96.00 per year option which gives players a £50.00 per week payout if they are off work through injury. It's not much, but it is better than nothing…which is what we had for the first 38 years of our existence ! The cost of this insurance policy is paid for by Annual & Weekly Subs payments.


                            MARKS OUT OF 10 & ‘VIDEO NOTES’              UPDATED

For many years since the club was formed back in 1976, we always used to award Marks out of 10 for each player and nominated a Man-of-the-Match after every game. However, that idea was scrapped for the start of the 2014-2015 Season and thereafter when Trevor Hughes emigrated to Cyprus and we appointed a succession of different Team Managers, all of whom felt it was disruptive to team spirit.

However, with Club Secretary Laurence Hughes professionally filming every match, we have continued to use notes of tactical information from matches whilst editing the video which points out who may be ‘at fault’ for goals along with other things that we can improve on. The Video Notes have always been for club members only (via e-mail and our WhatsApp Group) and they are not publicly viewable from the website like the Match Reports are that previously had the Marks out of 10 on. The ‘Video Notes’ are usually completed by a Wednesday afternoon after each match and then sent out to club members before that evening’s training session (if we have training) so that certain things can be discussed and worked on there. This is the sort of video analysis that Semi-Professional Saturday clubs use and it is doubtful whether any other Sunday League club has such ‘technology’ at their disposal ! Ideally we would like to take this even further by having access to a Sky Sports-style Telestrator with Manager Tony McKay highlighting things from our matches (to be uploaded to You Tube for Club Members only), but we will probably need a significant sponsorship for that !
Note: The Video Notes have temporarily been stopped for this season while we are concentrating on having a professional commentary on our You Tube match highlights instead.



Since 1986 when we went on our first Club Tour to Holland, we have visited Germany (twice), Spain (twice), Belgium, the Isle of Wight and most recently Prague in 2001, but we have since had difficulties in arranging Club Tours because of family commitments and players leading different lifestyles nowadays where we no longer have a 'pub drinking culture'. However, if the chance arises for us to undertake a Club Tour in the future, then we will of course try to arrange it if it is suitable for the majority of our players.

Nowadays, our only club social event each year is our Annual General Meeting, which is held at the Edmonton Sports & Social Club sometime in July. In addition to the Trophy Presentations & Agenda, we show a Goal Of The Season Competition and other DVD's and it is always a good 'night out' when we can get a reasonable number to attend.



Our basic policy as a club is for our players to enjoy their football first and foremost. It is very rare that we will have a major inquest or bust-up in the changing rooms after a defeat and our Manager Tony McKay is not one for ranting & raving !

The majority of our players are intelligent & well-educated, so the changing rooms can be a dangerous place if you are not able to keep up with all the banter and good-humoured 'piss-taking' that goes on !

Our relaxed attitude and good team spirit is complimented by the club being very well-run in terms of administration & on-the-field behaviour, and quite often we end up being the only club in the League not to get fined or have any players sent off during the course of a season.

We are very proud of our multi-racial, multicultural history where players of all sorts of nationalties and religions have successfully mixed together on and off the pitch ever since we were formed. We make every effort to ensure that our squad has an even mix of colours and creeds to accurately reflect the diversity of where we are based and to encourage social integration through football.

Having recently won our first trophy for 29 years, our aim is to get back to where we were in Season 2002-2003 by gaining further promotions and then challenging for a Premier Division title, which would therefore allow us to enter the London F.A.’s top Sunday (Challenge) Cup competition and even compete in the F.A. National Sunday Cup.