96 Appearances

 DEBUT:  22nd January 1978 v. Palmers Green Rangers (Edmonton Sunday League Division 8 Match at Firs Farm)

 LAST MATCH:  30th January 1983 v. Crown (Edmonton Sunday League Division 3 Match at Pymmes Park)

PROFILE:  Diminutive but stockily-built left-footed centre-forward who was always a real livewire in front of goal. Scored a number of spectacular goals for Rovers, but will be remembered mostly for  bringing his 'ghetto-blaster' with him to Home matches and annoying the residents in the genteel surroundings of Oakwood Park by blaring out the latest rare 'Jazz-Funk' tunes of that particular era (e.g. 'Bad Mouthin' by Motown Sounds) !  Eventually though, the struggle of dragging himself out of bed on a Sunday morning after a hard night's clubbing took it's toll and he gave up playing football half-way through the 1982-1983 Season with a move to the Hackney area not helping matters. After apparently working in the music business as a producer of  'Soulful U.S. Funky House' tunes, he now lives in Antigua but still keeps in touch with some of our ex-players from there.



157 Appearances

 DEBUT:  20th November 1977 v. Queensway Athletic (Edmonton Sunday League Division 8 Match at Church Street Rec.)

 LAST MATCH:  28th April 1985 v. Muswell Hill (Haringey League 'Friendly' Match at Markfield Rec., South Tottenham)

PROFILE: Right-Back of 'Oriental' origin who was brought along to the club by his next-door neighbour Demitrius Nurse in the late-70's. His team-mates found it hard to understand his accent at first, but he soon settled in and became a reliable defender, most notably for the 'B' (Reserve) Team for whom he made the majority of his Rovers Appearances. Like many others he decided to leave the club when the 'B' Team folded and he eventually ended up playing for F.C. Turin in the Edmonton Sunday League with one or two other ex-Rovers players. Now lives in Daventry, Northants where his sons Craig & Jason have both played at the top levels of the Semi-Pro game for the likes of Rushden & Diamonds, Kettering Town and Kings Lynn.



94 Appearances

 DEBUT:  12th August 2007 v. Old Town Athletic (Pre-Season Friendly Match at the U.G. Sports Ground, Harlow)

 LAST MATCH:  28th October 2012 v. Bromley Knights (London FA Sunday Junior Cup First Round Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE: ‘Loveday’ made his debut for us back in 2003 when he played in just one Pre-Season Friendly match for the Reserve Team ...where he was our best outfield player in a 5-0 defeat !  Not surprisingly after that, he decided not to sign up for Rovers and continued to play for Travellers United in the top Division of the Edmonton Sunday League instead, but after much persuasion from his Edmonton Cricket Club colleague Alan Barnard during the Summer of 2007, he played in our first Pre-Season Friendly of the following campaign (as a goalkeeper, in which position he is also highly capable) and then decided to join us in preference to playing regular Saturday football for Norsemen, whom he had also been playing for in the mid-2000’s. That proved to be a good decision as he had an excellent first season covering for the ageing Paul Woolston as a tall, strong man-marking central defender with good ball control and passing ability. Despite looking like a typical 'Pub player’ with a 'spare tyre' round his midriff, ‘Loveday’ soon became a first-choice defender for us, but unfortunately he tended to remain in bed on Sunday mornings towards the end of his Rovers career after Saturday night drinking sessions/social commitments and he gave up playing completely early on during the 2012-2013 Season. Loveday still managed to organise some useful social and fund-raising events for the club during a spell on the Management Committee though, and although he didn't quite manage to make 100 appearances for the club, he is still worthy of being a 'Great Of The Past' for his other roles.



285 Appearances

 DEBUT:  15th May 1991 v. Trojans (Friendly Match at Picketts Lock Astroturf)

 LAST MATCH:  13th November 2011 v. Albion Manor (London F.A. Sunday Intermediate Cup Second Round Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE: A tall Arsenal-supporting centre-forward of Irish descent, Conor joined the club as an inexperienced 19-year-old way back in 1991 after a brief spell playing in the Edmonton Sunday League and whilst also playing for Alexandra Park’s First XI in the Southern Amateur League on Saturdays. Conor then formed a really good attacking partnership with the even more youthful Russell Beeden for Rovers in those early days, but then left at the start of the 1996-97 Season to concentrate on playing in Senior Saturday football for five years with Spartan South Midlands League sides Hoddesdon Town and then St. Margaretsbury. Became a real 'celebrity' before that when Rovers videos started getting an airing on Sky Sports' 'Soccer A.M.' show in the mid-90's, as he was dubbed the 'Pony-Tailed Poacher' because of his hairstyle at the time with 'total strangers' even recognising him in the street (and in nightclubs !) as a result. Re-joined the club during the 2001-2002 Season after leaving St. Margaretsbury, but then missed the second half of Season 2002-2003 and the first half of the following season due to a major ankle operation. However, since recovering from that, he turned out to be an even better player for us than he was in his first spell with the club, winning the club Top Goalscorer Award for seven seasons in a row, including his final season with the club (2010-2011).  In fact Conor is the club’s All-Time Leading Goalscorer with 224 goals to his name, and it will be several years before anybody gets anywhere near that record. Moved to live in Leigh-On-Sea in Essex in the late-2000’s, and that ultimately brought his Rovers career to a close as he was unable to attend training, and like Stuart Dorward (who retired at the same time), he decided it was best to call it a day at the end of the 2010-2011 Season to give our younger players a chance. Played in one further match (as a substitute) to help us out when we were short the following season, but made little impact in that and a proper comeback is unlikely.



187 Appearances

 DEBUT:  10th September 1978 v. Barcelona (Edmonton Sunday League Division 8 Match at Grovelands Park)

 LAST MATCH:  1st March 1992 v. Hollistair (Mercury Waltham League Division 5 Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE:  Irish midfielder who answered an advert for players back in 1978 and subsequently made his debut as a 16-year-old after being thrown in at the deep end because we were struggling to field a team at the time. However, Kieran turned out to be one of Rovers best-ever players (in many people's opinion) as he had a combination of natural skill and technique together with the stamina and fitness to get up and down the pitch. (Most of our other 'Great' players had either one or the other). Really came to the fore by scoring a brilliant last-minute goal in a Cup Final as a 17-year-old in his second season with the club, but he then went to University for 4 years at the start of the 1980-1981 Season before returning to play regularly again during Rovers Haringey League era in the mid-80's and that was when he was really at his best. Unfortunately, when Rovers joined the Mercury Waltham Sunday League in 1988 it coincided with Kieran moving to live in France where he played Semi-Professionally, but he did still play the occasional match for Rovers whenever he returned to England although his footballing 'career' ended in 1992 when he suffered a badly broken arm in a 5-a-side match in France. Later went to live in the United States for three years but is now back living in Enfield where he was more recently a Borough Councillor representing the Save Chase Farm Hospital campaign. Also runs the Youth setup of Southgate Adelaide FC where his son plays.



161 Appearances

 DEBUT:  26th September 1976 v. St. Josephs Orphanage (Friendly Match at Pymmes Park)

 LAST MATCH:  27th February 1983 v. Brahmin (Edmonton Sunday League Division 8 Match at the Barrass Surround)

PROFILE:  Tough-tackling and competitive midfielder who was brought along to the club by his work colleague Jerome Burnikell (Both were chefs at Firs Hall at the time). Although his ball control and natural ability wasn't the greatest, he did manage to score the occasional spectacular goal. However, he gradually became disillusioned after a clash of personalities with some of his team-mates (i.e. McMahon wanted the whole team to go down the pub after matches, but Rovers many black players at the time preferred to buy their post match drinks in an off-license and be 'streetwise' with it !), so this saw him turn out for the 'B' (Reserve) Team during his last season with the club until he left (along with Burnikell and one or two others). Now lives in Cambridge.



251 Appearances

 DEBUT:  24th July 2005 v. Ventega Sports (Risden Wood Pre-Season Tournament Group Match at the U.G. Sports Ground, Harlow)

 LAST MATCH:  13th March 2016 v. Cheshunt Town (Waltham Sunday League Intermediate Cup Semi-Final at the Edmonton Sports & Social Club)

PROFILE:  Terry was brought along to the club for the start of Season 2005-2006 by Stuart Dorward, whose wife is a friend of Terry's wife. Is originally from South-West London where he played for Barclays Bank First XI in the Southern Amateur League on Saturdays and also played in the Combined Counties League for Raynes Park Vale. On moving to live in Edmonton in 2004 he then started playing on Saturdays for Old Edmontonians First XI in the Amateur Football Combination, even though he didn't actually attend Edmonton County School (unlike several other Rovers players). However, he then concentrated on Sunday football with Rovers as he moved into his 30’s and he became a key player for us, normally in a central defensive position although he also played as a full-back or in a midfield holding role, which is actually his preferred position. Terry was also a club Management Committee member where his role was that of Assistant Secretary, Assistant Manager and Caretaker Manager. Indeed he ended up as our Caretaker Manager for a large part of Season 2015-2016 after Simon Jackson resigned, before he decided to retire at the end of that season due to old age (42) and family commitments. Terry won the Players Player Of The Year Award three times since joining us and was always one of the first names on the team-sheet during his time with the club. Terry's younger brother Barry played for numerous clubs in the Football Conference (National League) and is now Assistant Manager at Tonbridge Angels, although Terry himself actually supports AFC Wimbledon, who are one of his brother’s former clubs.



53 Appearances

 DEBUT:  9th November 2003 v. Rosemill Reserves (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division 4 Match at Grundy Park, Cheshunt)

 LAST MATCH:  1st April 2007 v. Cheshunt (Sunday) (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division One Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE:  'Murf' was an experienced left-sided midfielder who could also play in a more defensive position if needed. Joined the club in November 2003 after being brought along by his work colleague Lee Osborn and immediately made a difference to the Reserve Team’s performances, especially in the League Reserve Cup Final defeat to Upshire Reserves that season where he was one of our better players on the night. On the Reserve Team's demise at the end of the 2004-2005 Season, 'Murf' stepped up impressively into the First Team to play in Division One, despite not knowing any of his team-mates with Lee Osborn and other Reserve Team players deciding to leave the club...his ability to keep possession and his surprisingly good level of fitness for a man twice their age being the key to that !  Unfortunately, Murf missed the whole of Season 2007-2008 due to a heel injury that he suffered in his one and only Summer 7-a-side League match for the club, and after a series of operations, he hoped to make a comeback despite being in his mid-40's and living in Billericay in Essex ! However, further complications with the injury now appear to have ruled that out. Murf has been badly missed, not just for his experience and passing ability on the field of play, but also for his highly amusing match reports, this befitting somebody who has apparently written 'critically acclaimed' books about football in the past...hence his appearance in the Greats Of The Past section despite only playing 53 matches.



354 Appearances

 DEBUT:  20th November 1977 v. Queensway Athletic (Edmonton Sunday League Division 8 Match at Church Street Rec.)

 LAST MATCH:  4th April 1993 v. Old Bulls Head (Mercury Waltham League Division 5 Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE:  Solidly-built central defender of Grenadan descent who made his debut as a 16-year-old in a 15-2 defeat ! Went on to notch up a club record number of Appearances in an unbroken spell of loyalty right up until the early 90's when a combination of old age and family commitments finally forced him to retire. Was never the most mobile of players because he had to have a number of operations on a leg problem in his schooldays which resulted in a steel pin being inserted, but he got by on effort and determination and this saw him become a distinguished Club Captain and eventual Team Manager & Club Life Vice-President. He has gone on to build a successful career in financial services and is a Partner at wealth management advisers Cartlidge Morland, based the City. He has also managed one of the the Chase Side Youth teams in the Cheshunt Youth League. Now lives in Hertford.



260 Appearances

 DEBUT:  11th February 1979 v. Cherry Tree (Edmonton Sunday League Division 8 Match at Oakwood Park)

 LAST MATCH:  28th April 1991 v. Cuffley (Mercury Waltham League Division 4 Match at Cuffley F.C.)

PROFILE:  Younger brother of Demitrius but much more athletic, hence his favoured position as an attacking central midfield player from which he scored the majority of his 188 goals for the club, a long-standing record which has only since been broken by one player. Made his debut just two weeks before his 14th birthday, making him by far the youngest player ever to play for Rovers - in fact he even scored in that match (a 10-2 victory) !  Then went on to make four more appearances before he turned 16, but thereafter he became a First Team regular until the 1990-1991 Season when he started to concentrate on  playing in Senior Saturday football with Ryman (Isthmian) League side Leyton-Wingate and then Crouch End Vampires First XI in the Southern Amateur League. However, Julien was later forced into retirement due to a bad Achilles injury and had to abandon his idea of a possible comeback for Rovers in what was the veteran stage of his career.



115 Appearances

 DEBUT:  28th April 1985 v. Muswell Hill (Haringey League 'Friendly' Match at Markfield Rec., South Tottenham)

 LAST MATCH:  13th August 1995 v. Upshire (Friendly Match at Town Mead, Waltham Abbey)

PROFILE:  A typical Sunday Morning Footballer ! (i.e. Good ball control and ability learnt while on the books of a professional club as a youngster - in his case Leyton Orient - but a bad lack of fitness, although he did manage to have the occasional game for various Semi-Pro clubs despite his weight problem'. Made his Rovers debut after being brought along to the club by his work colleague Julien Nurse and quickly gained notoriety as the club dressing room joker, although on the pitch he was a useful defensive midfielder and was the first player to be used on a regular basis in the midfield holding role which is so vital to Rovers game today. Retired in 1995 because of fitness problems and continual disagreements with whoever happened to be Manager at the time and after a spell D.J.’ing at Club AGM’s in the early-2000’s has now moved to live in Rushden in Northants.



65 Appearances

 DEBUT:  22nd October 1995 v. B.E.O.E.G. (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division 3 Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

 LAST MATCH:  21st December 2002 v. Astral United (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Senior Cup Match at Town Mead, Waltham Abbey)

PROFILE:  Originally signed for Rovers in October 1995 after being recommended by Stuart Dorward and Conor Mc,Govern, who at the time were both team-mates of his for Hoddesdon Town in the Spartan South Midlands League on Saturdays. A Scouser (Liverpool supporter) and dressing-room joker, Shaun started his early career by playing in goal for his native Runcorn (and claims to have played in the Conference for them Live on BSB in the late-80' the old 'squarial' days before they became BSkyB) and also had trials with Portsmouth as a teenager. Since making his Rovers debut though, Shaun confirmed his ability with some outstanding displays, but only played on a regular basis for three seasons during the late-90's. Often tended to concentrate on playing in the Ryman League on Saturdays for the likes of  Enfield, Leyton Pennant, Aveley & Ware (amongst others) and didn't play for Rovers at all for three seasons until making a brief comeback for our first ever-season in the Premier Division in 2002-2003. Was then signed on contract by Ryman League Premier Division side Bishop's Stortford which meant he could no longer play Sunday football, and he then continued to play Saturday football only, most notably with Sawbridgeworth Town in the Essex Senior League. Now lives in Great Houghton, Northamptonshire and will be remembered as undoubtedly Rovers best-ever keeper...hence his inclusion in the Greats Of The Past section.



168 Appearances

 DEBUT:  23rd August 1992 v. Komi-Kebir (Pre-Season Friendly Match at Picketts Lock Astroturf)

 LAST MATCH:  17th April 2005 v. Tolmers (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division 4 Match at Enfield Playing Fields)

PROFILE:  Spent a season or two watching Rovers matches from the touchline before deciding to take the plunge in August 1992 and join up with his former Edmonton County School colleagues on the pitch and by the end of his first season he had established a regular place in the side at left-back, having started in a left-sided midfield position (and scoring one or two spectacular goals as well !) Retired from football altogether in October 1995 because of increasing family commitments, but decided to re-join at the start of the 2000-2001 Season, initially to help us out if we were short. 'Ossie' then managed to lose a lot of weight and become one of our fittest players though, while he also had a useful attribute of being able to kick the ball with both feet and that saw him able to play in a wide defensive or midfield position on either side of the field. However, lapses in concentration saw him lose his place in the First Team squad during Season 2002-2003 and the Reserve Team was then re-formed mainly for his benefit. However, a disastrous 2004-2005 campaign for the Reserves saw Ossie decide to leave the club and join Division Four side F.C. Vasco, although he has now retired completely since they folded. Will always be best known at Rovers for his non-stop talking, his unnecessary post-match rants and making a fool of himself on video during matches in an effort to get on 'Clip Of The Week' ! Now lives in Bishop’s Stortford.



49 Appearances

 DEBUT:  22nd December 1991 v. Cheshunt Park Reserves (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division 5 Match at Flamstead End Playing Fields, Cheshunt

 LAST (Competitive) MATCH:  3rd May 1994 v. Oakwood United (Mercury Waltham League Div. 5 Match at Enfield Playing Fields)

PROFILE:  Made what was undoubtedly the most memorable debut in the history of the club when he scored a brilliant hat-trick against Cheshunt Park Reserves which helped Rovers to their first win in 17 competitive matches and gave them the impetus to continue when they were on the brink of folding up !  Unfortunately his Rovers career was almost a mirror image of Paul Gascoigne's, both on and off the pitch, as a cruciate knee ligament injury sustained while scoring the equalizer in a 4-4 draw against Oakwood United in 1994 was made worse by 'nightclub incidents', although the main reason 'Willie' had to retire from playing was because he had to look after his young daughter Poppy (Poppy Platt ?!) on Sunday mornings. Did actually play in a Friendly match against BBFC in  August 2002, but it was clear in that match that his knee would not be strong enough for him to make a comeback and it was a sad loss of  potential greatness for the club.



175 Appearances

 DEBUT:  31st August 1976 v. Cheshunt Youth (Friendly Match at Cheshunt F.C.)

 LAST MATCH:  24th April 1988 v. Panthers (Haringey League Tottenham Cup Semi-Final Replay at Albany Park)

PROFILE:  Another founder-member who played in the very first match, but throughout his 12 years with the club he missed numerous games because of his studies for accountancy exams, although erratic moodswings also saw him lose interest for months at a time and restrict his number of appearances, with his 'Jewish Dentist' excuse being a particularly feeble and laughable reason for his many absences. A highly skilful and talented left-sided attacking player capable of scoring some outrageous goals, Glenn still holds the First Team record for Most Goals in a Season with a total of 49, a record which is unlikely to be broken. Retired prematurely at the age of 27 and later moved to a remote village in Oxfordshire where he still lives with his wife.



135 Appearances

 DEBUT:  18th August 1998 v. Trojans (Pre-Season Friendly Match at Picketts Lock Astroturf)

 LAST MATCH:  21st October 2007 v. Enfield Royals (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division One Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE:  Joined Rovers from the Enfield F.C. Supporters Team 'Green Lights' (a perennial bunch of 'losers' who also included a certain Laurence Hughes !) as a 16-year-old back in 1998, along with another 16-year-old Gary Odell. However, while Gary struggled to adapt to men's football, Robin established himself as Rovers first-choice Right-Back during his first season and then improved so much during Season 1999-2000 that he ended up being voted as Player of the Year by every club member apart from one ! That was a tribute to his consistency and willingness to learn, as he had not played in any competitive football before joining Rovers. Was then voted Player of the Year for a second year running after being switched to a central defensive role, and after playing a major role when we finished 3rd in the Premier Division for Season 2002-2003, it looked as if a call-up to play in Senior Saturday football was inevitable, especially as he had finally learnt how to tuck his shirt in and pull his socks up !

Unfortunately though, Robin only played a handful of matches thereafter due to various long-term injury problems and work commitments in his job at Chase Farm Hospital as a samples analyst, and when he did play, he soon became disillusioned with poor turn-outs at training amongst other things. Occasionally played for us in the Summer 7-a-side League and attended the odd Pre-Season Training session after playing his final 11-a-side match for us in October 2007 but has not been heard from for several years now after vowing to take up ‘other sports’ on Sunday mornings.

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