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All Appearances & Goalscorers Totals referred to are for First Team & 'B' (Reserve) Team combined.

Players selected for this ‘Greats Of The Past’ section are mainly those who made over 100 appearances for the club or served us loyally in a management or administrative role. However, other players have been included who fell short of the 100 appearances landmark but ability-wise were widely regarded as being a ‘definite’ for a place in the starting line-up for our ‘best-ever’ team.


Francesco APICELLA




Chris ‘Nugget’ BEEDEN

Russell BEEDEN








Aaron DART





James DYER


Stafford DYER









Gareth JOHN





Bobby LAKE

Alan LEE




Robert McMAHON



Demitrius NURSE

Julien NURSE




Steve ‘Willie’ PLATT




Giuseppe SARNO




Mitchell TAYLOR








139 Appearances

 DEBUT:  8th August 2004 v. Northmet (Riverside) Reserves (Reserve Team  Pre-Season Friendly Match at the Riverside Club, Turkey Street, Enfield)

 LAST MATCH:  4th December 2016 v. Churchbury (Barnet Sunday League Division 2 Match at the Edmonton Sports & Social Club)

PROFILE:  Tem was brought along to the club as a 16-year-old by Colin Bester at Pre-Season Training during the Summer of 2004 after previously playing in Youth Football, particularly in the 7-a-side Leagues at the Southbury Leisure Centre. Scored a good goal on his debut for the Reserve Team shortly afterwards and then went on to make 14 appearances for the Reserves until we folded the side up at the end of that season. Tem then decided to play in a Turkish Community Youth League for most of the 2005-2006 Season following the Reserve Team's demise, but returned towards the end of the season to try and gain a regular place in the First Team. Won the Most Improved Player Award for Season 2007-2008 from having good ball control and passing ability, but a lack of fitness often let him down, thereby resulting in some niggling injuries. He also missed a number of matches back then from working in the Arsenal Club Shop on Sundays, particularly in the months leading up to Christmas, and that saw him eventually give up playing for us for a three-year spell as he was unable to gain a regular place in the side. Suddenly re-emerged towards the end of Season 2013-2014 though after going on a seemingly manic fitness drive and he then became a regular in our starting line-up last season, but with new Manager Tony McKay bringing in a lot of new players for the 2016-2017 Season, he lost his place again and decided to try his luck elsewhere.



187 Appearances

 DEBUT:  6th March 1983 v. Jolly Butchers (Edmonton Sunday League Division 3 Match at Bush Hill Park)

 LAST MATCH:  27th February 1994 v. St. Mary's (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division 5 Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE: Italian sweeper in the Franco Baresi mould, although his tendency to push up to the half-way line and play the offside trap (accompanied by his catch-phrase of 'Middle, Middle, Middle, Middle') was risky to say the least ! However, 'Franco' turned out to be one of Rovers best-ever defenders after finally learning English sufficiently enough to get by after his arrival from Italy back in 1983, although he often had to miss matches due to work & family commitments and that was how his Rovers career finally ended in the early-90's. As far as we know, he still lives in the Edmonton area and works as an Italian food delivery driver.



316 Appearances

 DEBUT:  31st August 1976 v. Cheshunt Youth (Friendly Match at Cheshunt F.C.)

 LAST MATCH:  20th February 2000 v. Astral United (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division 2 Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE:  It was Dave Ashton who actually founded the club (see Club History) back in 1976, making his debut in our first-ever match as a 15-year-old. At the time, he was a Junior on Spurs books but 'didn't make the grade' (which was why he then became a passionate Arsenal supporter !?), although he then went on to play in Senior Saturday football with the likes of Cheshunt, Hertford Town & Cambridge City amongst others. A brief spell of disillusionment with Rovers in the late 70's saw him make only occasional appearances, but it was throughout the 1980's that he proved to be a real club stalwart and inspiration with his Graeme Souness-style of play being perfectly suited for the tough Haringey League. However, a bad lack of fitness and family commitments forced him into 'retirement' in October 1990 until he got himself back into some sort of shape to help us out with the occasional appearance or two during Season 1997-1998 and then a one-off game in February 2000 by turning out against Astral United, which turned out to be his last ever appearance for the club. Now lives in the village of Potton in Bedfordshire, but he still keeps in touch now and again.



241 Appearances

 DEBUT:  15th May 1991 v. Trojans (Pre-Season Friendly Match at Picketts Lock Astroturf)

 LAST MATCH:  9th November 2008 v. St. Margaretsbury (Sunday) (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division One Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE:  ‘Junior', as he is more commonly known, made his Rovers debut as a 15-year-old way back in 1991 and played in four other matches before his 16th birthday, all of them being Friendlies. However, he didn't make his competitive debut for the club until the start of the 1994-1995 Season (as an 18-year-old), but after that he became a regular in the side playing in a left-sided midfield role where his skill and ability (especially his step-over trick) consistently bamboozled defenders. As a teenager 'Junior' played for his School District Team, trained with Wimbledon and played in the Ryman League with Hemel Hempstead and could easily have gone on to play at a higher level, but like many other Rovers players he became disillusioned with the '100.m.p.h. football' and emphasis on fitness required to play at that level and decided to concentrate on Sunday football instead. Unfortunately, 'Junior' had to play out of position at left-back for most of the 2004-2005 Season and was also 'forced' to go in goal on some occasions, and that, together with our relegation from the Premier Division, led to him joining Rolls Park, a team in the East London Sunday League nearer his home in Woodford for the following season and he stayed with them until they eventually folded. After leaving us to join Rolls Park, 'Junior' did occasionally register to play for us if we were short and when Rolls Park did not have a game, but as the last time he did that resulted in a disastrous 5-1 Home defeat to St. Margaretsbury, it’s probably safe to say he has now played his last game for the club.



343 Appearances

 DEBUT:  3rd June 1990 v. Sovereign (Pre-Season Friendly Match at Picketts Lock Astroturf)

 LAST MATCH:  21st March 2004 v. Lea Valley Royals (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Premier Division Match at Wormley Rovers F.C.)

PROFILE:  The older brother of John, Steve played most of his Rovers career as a right-footed left-back but unlike some in the professional game who try and do that, Steve could actually control and pass the ball properly and had a lot more natural ability, although a bad lack of pace tended to let him down on occasions !  Made his Rovers debut as an 18-year-old back in 1990 and was as quiet as a mouse when he joined the club (having been brought along by Russell Beeden), but after getting used to 'a few beers' on a Saturday night he soon livened up and became one of Rovers most vocal players on the pitch. That saw him become Club Captain in the mid-90's and he since went on to become a Club Life-Vice President after serving on the Management Committee for a number of years. Was within easy reach of Demitrius Nurse's then All-Time Club Appearances Record when he finally decided to stop playing in March 2004 (having moved to live in Royston near Cambridge), and it was quite likely that Steve didn't want the 'fame' that achievement would have given him.



93 Appearances

 DEBUT:  15th May 1991 v. Trojans (Pre-Season Friendly Match at Picketts Lock Astroturf)

 LAST MATCH:  26th August 2007 v. Abbey Youth Old Boys (Pre-Season Friendly Match at the Ninefields Estate, Waltham Abbey)

PROFILE:  The younger brother of Rovers' stalwarts Tim & Russell, Chris (otherwise known as 'Nugget'), was a skilful and creative central midfield player who made his debut for us just a day after his 15th birthday back in 1991, therefore becoming one of the youngest players ever to play for us in men's football, but having had trials for the F.A. National School at Lilleshall he certainly had enough ability to cope. Unfortunately his Rovers career was stopped in it's tracks by a cruciate knee ligament injury in March 1995, having only played 55 matches for the club and that eventually saw him put on weight, adopt the 'England Football Hooligan'-look and emigrate to Australia for the rest of the 1990's. However, 'Nugget' returned to England at the end of 2000 and managed to get himself fit enough to make a successful comeback for Rovers during Season 2002-2003 in which he finished as Runner-Up in the club Player Of The Year Awards as we finished third in our first season in the Premier Division. He then decided to concentrate on playing in Senior Saturday Football for Broxbourne Borough in the Spartan South Midlands League during the 2003-2004 Season though and only played in six matches for Rovers because of that, and then decided to leave altogether five games into the following season to join his mates and 'drinking partners' at Division Two side Data. He then gave up playing football again shortly after that due to social commitments with his girlfriend at weekends, but he decided to make another brief comeback for Rovers which didn't last for long and his career eventually fizzled out with a substitute appearance in a Pre-Season Friendly as injuries and fitness problems took hold again. Definitely would have played well over 100 matches for the club if it was not for that.



308 Appearances

 DEBUT:  6th August 1989 v. White Hart (Pre-Season Friendly Match at Picketts Lock Astroturf)

 LAST MATCH:  17th April 2005 v. Tolmers (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division Four Match (Reserve Team) at Enfield Playing Fields)

PROFILE:  Made his First Team debut in a Pre-Season Friendly against White Hart as a 16-year-old back in August 1989 after being brought along to the club by his elder brother Tim and gradually worked his way into the starting eleven as a forward in a useful partnership with the equally youthful Conor Mc,Govern in the early-90's. Russell was never a prolific goalscorer though and towards the end of the 1996-1997 Season, he was moved into a midfield holding role where he was a revelation and a vital player for the club. Another player with good natural skill and ability, Russell unfortunately suffered from various injury problems in the late-90's which saw his weight balloon although a liking for pizzas and cream doughnuts didn't help !  In fact a persistent problem with a leg infection resulted in Russell being advised by his Doctor to give up playing football altogether in the year 2000, and after that he only played in ‘emergencies’, mainly for the re-formed Reserve Team and more usually as a stand-in goalkeeper, a job he carried out superbly in the League Reserve Cup Final in March 2004. Russell was also a Management Committee Member from October 1995 until August 2006 and he is also a Club Life Vice-President. He is also 'sort of semi-famous', having had his name on the credits for numerous T.V. productions in his job as a programme editor and is more often known as 'Tarby' because of the gap in his teeth like comedian Jimmy Tarbuck !  Because of his job in the TV industry in the Manchester area, Russell now lives in Congleton in Cheshire.



60 Appearances

 DEBUT:  7th August 1988 v. Taylor Walker Finches (Pre-Season Friendly Match at Picketts Lock Astroturf)

 LAST MATCH:  18th March 2012 v. Flamstead End (Waltham Sunday League Division One Match at the Cheshunt Club)

PROFILE: Tim was brought along to the club way back in 1988 as a 16-year-old by Trevor Hughes, who at the time was a work colleague of Tim’s father at Tottenham Magistrates Court. Tim’s younger brothers Russell and Chris (‘Nugget’) then followed and also became Rovers ‘legends’. Tim scored the winner in a 1-0 victory against a Mercury Waltham League Premier Division side on his debut, so his talent was obvious, especially when he scored one of Rovers best-ever individual goals in a 3-2 win against Coach & Horses later on that season. Went on to play in 57 Matches, scoring 8 Goals in total from a left-sided midfield position, but was forced into retirement in March 1991 when he dislocated his knee playing for Norsemen in the Southern Amateur League on Saturdays and then, like his brothers Russell and Chris, put on so much weight while he was out of action that he appeared to have no hope of ever making a full recovery ! Did manage to play a one-off game as a substitute in October 1994 against AFC Breda (an easy 12-1 victory), but by then he had already turned his attention to serving on Rovers Management Committee and playing for Edmonton Cricket Club.  Was made a Club Life Vice-President after leaving the Management Committee in the mid-2000’s and it looked like he would never be involved with Rovers again, but he went on a fitness drive with the help of his Edmonton Cricket Club & Rovers colleague Alan Barnard and was able to help us out a couple of times as an emergency goalkeeper during the 2011-2012 Season before retiring for good during the Summer of 2013. May well have ended up as our All-Time Record Appearance holder had it not been for the knee injury he suffered so early in his footballing 'career'. Tim is an Enfield Town and Spurs supporter.



120 Appearances

 DEBUT:  8th August 1982 v. Beechams (Edmonton Sunday League 'Friendly' Match at Firs Farm)

 LAST MATCH:  23rd August 1987 v. The Cottage (Friendly Match at the Gosling Sports Centre, Welwyn Garden City)

PROFILE:  Chingford-based midfielder Adam made his debut for our 'B' (Reserve) Side and was a regular for them in his first season with the club, but it was his switch to the First Team the following season which really saw him come into his own as one of the originators of the sort of 'Taking the Piss' skill that so many of our players of the 1990’s were blessed with. However, after five good seasons he suddenly decided to leave at the start of the 1987-1988 Season to concentrate on playing Saturday football in the Essex Business Houses League and spending Sundays with his family (and his guitar !). Was last seen in March 1998 when he turned out for the Edmonton Rovers Old Boys against the Current Side and was by far their best player on the day.



208 Appearances

 DEBUT:  26th September 1976 v. Arras U-17's (Enfield Youth League Match at Carterhatch School, Enfield)

 LAST MATCH:  30th January 1983 v. Crown (Edmonton Sunday League Division 3 Match at Pymmes Park)

PROFILE:  Made his debut as an over-aged 'ringer' wearing school plimsoles on a pitch ankle-deep in mud, such was our urgency for players at the time that he was called up at the last minute and did not have time to go out and find some boots. However, he shrugged off the resulting 14-0 defeat to become Club Captain when Rovers moved into the Edmonton Sunday League and indeed Jerome is still the only player ever to have captained a Rovers side to a Cup Final victory. Formed a successful and long-running central defensive partnership with Demitrius Nurse in the late-70's and early-80's until he became disillusioned with the club after a run of poor performances and left to join rivals F.C. Turin. Is now a qualified referee and mainly involved in Youth Football.



122 Appearances

 DEBUT:  7th August 1983 v. Fanfold (Edmonton Sunday League 'Friendly' Match at Durants Park, Enfield)

 LAST MATCH:  25th March 1990 v. Cheshunt Park (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division 4 Match at Goffs Lane Playing Fields)

PROFILE:  Defender of Greek Cypriot & Irish parents who was brought along to the club by his former St. Thomas Moore's (Wood Green) School colleague Kieran McGregor. Will always be remembered for his bizarre style of challenging for the ball with his arms held high above his head (and for the screaming schoolgirls who recognised him during one Rovers match - he was a Chemistry teacher at nearby Enfield County School at the time). Now lives in Bedfordshire (married with four kids) and is Head of Science & Technology at a school in Hitchin. Also still plays 5-a-side in a local veteran's League.



125 Appearances

 DEBUT:  28th December 1980 v. Crescent (Edmonton Sunday League Division 5 Match at Firs Farm)

 LAST MATCH:  14th July 1993 v. Trojans (Friendly Match at Picketts Lock Astroturf)

PROFILE:  Will always be best known by Rovers players during the early-1990’s for slicing the ball straight at the camera numerous times whilst playing as a right winger, but during the 80's Terry was quite a potent striker and he actually finished as Top Goalscorer by some considerable margin in the 1981-1982 Season. Was always a real 100% 'trier' and is still keen enough to play 5-a-side regularly up in Ware even though he is now in his 40's !



202 Appearances

 DEBUT:  26th August 2001 v. Northmet Riverside (Pre-Season Friendly Match at the Riverside Club, Turkey Street, Enfield)

 LAST MATCH:  25th March 2012 v. F.C. Alpha (Waltham Sunday League Division One Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

PROFILE: Steve was brought along to the club at the start of the 2001-2002 Season by his former Club Secretary Scott Robertson from the now-defunct Beehive (Wormley) F.C., who were in our Division in the Waltham Sunday League the season before. Had no hesitation in joining us as he lived only a couple of minutes away from our Home Pitch at Hazelwood Sports Ground. However, the club was also recommended to him by Stuart Dorward, who was one of his team-mates at Spartan South Midlands League side Hoddesdon Town in the mid-late-90's. Steve also played regularly in Saturday football (for Old Minchendenians First XI in the Amateur Football Combination) and was on West Bromwich Albion's books as a youngster, so he had a very good pedigree and was a real expert at taking set-pieces with his left foot. Despite being small in stature, he was often used as a lone striker during his Rovers career and was particularly effective in that role when we finished third in the Premier Division in Season 2002-2003. He then switched to a left-sided midfield role towards the end of Season 2006-2007 following a bit of a goal drought and proved to be very useful in that position as well. Was always a regular in the starting line-up throughout his Rovers career but increasing fitness issues and family commitments saw him decide to retire at the end of Season 2001-2012. As a plumber, Steve was also highly useful in unblocking the showers at Hazelwood for our Home matches in the depths of Winter !



136 Appearances

 DEBUT:  24th August 1980 v. St. Paul's Church (Edmonton Sunday League 'Friendly' Match at the Barrass Surround)

 LAST MATCH:  24th February 1985 v. Richmond (Haringey Sunday League Division 6 Match at Albany Park, Enfield)

PROFILE:  Consistent if unspectacular central midfield player for the 'B' (Reserve) Team throughout their existence during the early 1980's with only 5 Appearances being made for the First Team. Declined the offer to play for the First Team when the 'B' Team folded and was not heard of again as far as playing football was concerned, although he apparently regularly drinks in The Beehive on Thursday nights (according to his old team-mate Mark Tepper)...not that any of our current players would recognise him.



190 Appearances

 DEBUT:  11th October 1987 v. Goldflex (Haringey Sunday League Charity Cup Match at Enfield Playing Fields)

 LAST MATCH:  28th May 1995 v. S.V.H. (Belgian Tour Match)

PROFILE:  Jewish Right-Back (and a keen Spurs supporter - obviously !). Is now a Rovers Life Vice-President after a loyal career in which he became Club Captain and served on the Management Committee for a number of years. Was always highly popular with his team-mates and made up for his lack of height (and ever-increasing waistline) with 100% effort and determination. Moved to Sidcup in Kent after getting married shortly after his Rovers retirement and still lives there as far as we know. Here is his Twitter page:



168 Appearances

 DEBUT:  19th September 1993 v. Data (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Roy Bailey Challenge Cup Match at Hazelwood Sports Ground)

 LAST MATCH:  17th April 2005 v. Tolmers (Mercury Waltham Sunday League Division 4 Match at Enfield Playing Fields)

PROFILE:  Outrageously gifted left-footed player signed from fellow Mercury Waltham Sunday League side Lea Valley Royals as a 20-year-old back in 1993 after being brought along to the club by Life Vice-President Gary Southam's next-door neighbour (and former Rovers player) Darren Rorie...although he also knew the Beeden's and the Beasley's from his schooldays anyway. Won the First Team Player of the Year Award in Season 1994-1995 as a defender, but played most of his Rovers career in the 1990's as a forward, finishing Top Goalscorer on three occasions. However, he left the club towards the end of the 1999-2000 Season in disgust at some poor team performances (in the days when most of our current First Team players went down the 'Polo' club every Saturday night !), but also due to a back injury suffered at work which resulted in him having to claim Invalidity Benefit, this also being the cause of general fitness problems which had affected his own game badly during the last few months of the 1999-2000 Season. Suddenly re-appeared playing for Division One side Europa during the 2003-2004 Season and subsequently re-joined Rovers for a second spell at the start of the 2004-2005 Season after losing his place in Europa's side. However, he then decided to move on again following the club's relegation at the end of that season and has since played for (and Managed) various other Waltham Sunday League sides.