END OF SEASON -  NEW  1.5.19

Following our 10-1 defeat to FC Lokomotiv Thunder on Sunday 28th April, we have subsequently decided to concede our final match of the season against Division One Champions Zenit St. Whetstone, as due to a ridiculous number of injuries, ‘old age’ fitness problems and players choosing to leave the club in recent weeks for one reason or another, we will not have enough fit players to field a side.

Unlike many other teams at our level who find themselves in this predicament though, we will NOT be folding the club (after 43 years of existence), but instead, we have a whole new group of young players in the 18-23 age group lined up to join us in July when they have finished their current University courses and had their subsequent holidays. We will also be actively seeking more new players during the Summer from other sources, primarily in that same age group, while also retaining any current players who meet our criteria of being available for at least 80% of our matches, being able to attend our Wednesday evening training sessions at Enfield Playing Fields during the season on a fairly regular basis, and most importantly, being fit, injury-free and having the necessary ability to play at the standard we find ourselves in.
We are hoping it will be an exciting new era for the club, especially as the Barnet Sunday League will be expanding next season to at least six divisions with the help of social media and other publicity. We are looking to be big players ourselves in that as our professional filming of matches will continue, as will our residency at the Edmonton Sports & Social Club, which is where we will once again play our Home matches.
Apart from a possible club Veterans match (featuring our successful squad from the 2002-2003 Season) that we are currently planning for Sunday 19th May, we will now be taking a two-month break for the Summer and then having our Annual General Meeting on a Friday evening in July as soon as our new players for next season are ready to start Pre-Season Training.
Further details will appear here in early July.


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