THE BARNET SUNDAY LEAGUE DIVISION TWO TITLE                (4.4.17)  

We have now definitely clinched the Barnet Sunday League Division Two title following an emphatic 12-0 win against bottom club St. John’s Deaf on Sunday 2nd April. We were actually unsure whether we had already won the title before the match kicked off because of a non-fulfilment of fixture against us by Highgate Albion 3rds the previous Sunday, as a decision on whether we would be awarded the points from that match wasn’t being made until a League Management Committee meeting the day after the St. John’s Deaf match. As that decision has now been made for us to play the game against Highgate Albion 3rds instead of being awarded the points, we were therefore right to celebrate on the final whistle after beating St. Johns Deaf, as that was indeed the win that finally clinched it for us. The team photo (left) was taken straight after the match by our former Manager and Club Life Vice-President Trevor Hughes, who had travelled all the way from Cyprus via a three-week holiday in Australia for what was a truly momentous occasion for the club. It is our first trophy for 29 years, and considering we only had 8 players back in July when new Manager Tony McKay took over and we very nearly folded after only four players turned up to each of our first two training sessions, it has been a brilliant achievement to turn things around like this in such a short space of time. Not just by Tony, but by all the players and our coaching team. We still have three matches left to play and we will now be aiming to finish the season unbeaten in League matches, which is something we have never done before, so there is still plenty to play for to keep our players interested until the end of the season. We will be receiving the Division Two Trophy & medals at the League Presentation Dinner on Friday 19th May, and then giving the medals out to the players at our AGM on Friday 30th June.
CLICK HERE to view the Division Two table with us uncatchable at the top.

The Club Honours & Records page will be updated once the season has finished.


                               DATE FOR ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                (20.3.17)

Our Annual General Meeting/Presentation Night for Season 2016-2017 will be held on Friday 30th June in the main room at the Edmonton Sports & Social Club, N9 9HL, starting at 7.00.p.m. All current club members, former club members and prospective new players for next season are invited to attend and the Agenda will get under way as soon as all current club members have arrived.
Further details including voting forms for the Players’ Player Of The Year will be given to all current club members in early June.



My latest ‘Chairman’s Blog’ is now online which reviews our matches played since the New Year and outlines proposed rule changes that we would like to see the Barnet Sunday League adopt for next season.
CLICK HERE to visit the Chairman’s Blog page for this season and read all about it !

Links to Archive Chairman's Blogs from previous seasons can also be found on that page.



We are now out of the League Senior Cup following our defeat on penalties to AC Medz in the Quarter-Finals on Sunday 12th March.
CLICK HERE for the full League Senior Cup draw & results on the League website.

We are now out of the League Junior Cup following our defeat on penalties to Brotherhood in the Quarter-Finals on Sunday 5th March.

CLICK HERE for the full League Junior Cup draw & results on the League website.

All three of the League’s Cup Finals this season will take place on the same day (Sunday 14th May) at Wingate & Finchley FC. (10.30, 1.30 & 4.30 pm Kick-Offs with the Senior Cup Final first and the Veterans Cup Final last).



We are now out of this competition following our defeat on penalties at Home to London Ravens in the Third Round on Sunday 11th December after a 1-1 draw during the 90 minutes.

CLICK HERE to follow London Ravens’ progress for the rest of the competition on the London F.A. Website.
Our history in London Sunday Cup competitions over the years can be found here on this website.



As we currently have approximately 30 players wanting to play for us on Sundays but we can only pick a squad of 16 for each match, we have been discussing the possibility of our unused players playing for a newly-formed Norsemen 8th XI on Saturdays in the Southern Amateur League to get some match practice as a sort of unofficial Edmonton Rovers Reserve Team. We have not got enough players to introduce a Reserve Team in the Barnet Sunday League, and we do not want to go down that route on a Sunday anyway as it failed miserably the last time we tried it back in the early-2000’s where it ended up with both teams finishing bottom of their divisions from not having any substitutes for their matches. There was a possibility that the Southern Amateur League would have allowed us to join in October even though the season had already started, but that deadline has now passed and the logistics of arranging everything proved to be too difficult anyway. The main problem is the cost, because Norsemen’s club rules are such that each player has to pay a £95 membership fee and then £10 per match, irrespective of how much that player plays. We only wanted to use the 8th XI to randomnly give any one of our 30 players a game who had not been picked for our own ‘First Team’ squad that Sunday or the Sunday before, but unfortunately that idea is unworkable the way things stand at the moment with the membership fees.
However, we will look at the idea as a possibility for next season if we can come to some sort of agreement with Norsemen, but even if they allowed 30 of our players to become Norsemen members for a reduced price instead of a squad of 14 paying £95 each, we would have to pay for that ourselves by charging each of our players a much bigger Annual Subscription than the £10 ‘signing-on fees’ we are charging at the moment, and we would also have to put the Match Subs back up to £10 from the current £7.
All this will be discussed and voted on at our Annual General Meeting at the end of this season.
Unfortunately we realise that some of our current players are going to drift away during the course of this season from not getting a game, but our club policy has always been to field our strongest available side for competitive matches, and we will continue to do that for the rest of this season in an effort to win what will be our first trophy for 29 years.



Due to work shifts, University placements and the majority of our players basically living too far away to travel in midweek, our regular Wednesday evening floodlit training sessions (on grass) at the Edmonton Sports & Social Club (our Home Ground) have had to be cancelled for the rest of this season. We now have a settled squad anyway, while as far as fitness is concerned, most of our players seem to either go down the gym or play 5-a-side in midweek to keep themselves fit. It is not ideal, but we really have no choice, as training sessions with only 5 or 6 players in attendance really is a waste of time.
As a result of this, we will now be charging our players the following Match Subs for the rest of this season...
£7.00 for 61-90 minutes (Over an hour)

£5.00 for 31-60 minutes (A decent run-out)

£3.00 for 5-30 minutes (Like a brief fitness workout down the gym !)

Free for less than 5 minutes ! (Compensation for getting injured or for just being a time-wasting sub).
Please note that there will NOT be 'refunds' given for the £10 per match subs that have already been paid earlier this season, as the extra cost included in that has been paying for the £15 per player reduction in Annual Subs (signing-on fees), the League imposing a £5 per player charge for registrations (when the Waltham League charged us nothing), and the Edmonton Sports & Social Club putting up our pitch fees from £65 to £80 per match this season. Those extra costs have now more-or-less been covered.


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