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Since this website came online in 2001, we have received countless e-mails from prospective players worldwide who invariably seem to think that we are a professional club and that we will give them a 'trail' (sic) and turn them into a 'Superstar'...despite it clearly saying on our Home Page that we are a 'Sunday League Pub Team' !

The majority of these e-mails come from barely-literate African youngsters (or their Agents) and are often highly amusing, while others appear to be some sort of scam where they are looking for us to give them fake passports and visas in return for cash so that they can come over here and claim benefits. In other cases, players who have just arrived in the area from abroad go into an internet cafe and put 'Edmonton F.C.' into Google Search, and on finding us at the top of the list, automatically assume we are the nearest local professional club !

As a result of these e-mails, one of our players, Simon Jackson decided to create an alter-ego in George N'Bogwou as a 'wind-up', and George's 'e-males' can be found here on a separate page. We have also had a number of other weird e-mails from assorted 'loonies' over the years, and they too are included in this section. Enjoy !

PAGE ONE (The most recently received e-mails)

Thu, 28 October, 2010   Membership

Mr Hughes

I have recently come to this area and me would like to play football for you Edmonton Rovers.

I would like to train with you and see that you like me, I play in defense and my tackle is very hard.

21 i am, and i am very fit.

I see that you players get money from subs? how much is it. I would need you to give me $10 per game so that I send it home to my family in the ivory coast.

I think you

Erik Wangoolonga

Fri, 24 September, 2010   need club to play for

1. My name. Bouihi Ahmed

4. age.20years

7. position i play. Central/left/right diffencer and midfielder

8. footballing CV or background.: i have been playing for 8 years, but i have never played for team or club by the reason of lack of experience ,organizing and good managment of coaching and lack of sponsors, we don't have profetionalization here, only first devisions and 2nd, our football game's messy, this is the reason why i'm not a club player, but otherways i have to tell you my footbalistic truth that i have been playing for 8 years freely with friends, we organize matches and tournements with other teams here in the city and against others cities, i can play as diffencer and midfielder both central left and right, i can also play as striker because i am good in dribbling and controling the ball, i am very speed, i can lead players , and as my knowleges of my experience i can do the best of mine and win any match i play.

9.. current team. NO CURRENT CLUB
10. Any other relevant information. I am university student, but football is my best field , i just need a CHANCE.I wish you could understand me very well.

Sunday, 18 January, 2009  Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Hello Laurence,

My name is Nitish Bolina , I am 19 yrs old now i want to join the Football Team, i was  a wrestler but now I wan to try my luck in football. So i need an advice that weather i can join your team ? and if yes then what steps should be taken to be in the team.

Please Reply

Thanking You

Nitish Bolina

Saturday, 13 December, 2008  souvenirs

Mr. Laurence Hughes

I am  interesting and fan club EDMONTON ROVERS FC. I  am collection and possess few souvenirs, very very dreams of pin badges and t-shirt. Very very please to help and send pin badges and if to be able t-shirt. In advance very thank you.

Your  sincerely

Darek Pik

Wednesday, 16 July, 2008  No Subject

My name is Andrzej  I am 17 years old. I interested British football. I am collector pin badges off 3 years ago British & Rep of Ireland football cluband association football. I have in my collection 548 pin badges. I will would like to organization exposition my collection. Please help me enrich my collection and send me yours a pin badge. I will very hope. Best wishes Andrzej

Tuesday, 17 June, 2008  Hi, Dear Mr...

Dear Mr & Mme

I have the honour to request from your valuable personality.

In fact I come from the Ivory Coast (Abidjan) and I appoint HUBERSON I gained a very good foundation in the field of football through the center of high-level training IMPERIAL FOOTBALL CLUB with whom I have evolved over six years. I am now looking for someone who can help me and with whom I would like to take new steps, discover new horizons.

I am but preferably versatile defender and attacker (No. 5 & 11).

I am a fairly complete player, and you would have the opportunity to discover all my athletic qualities. I am ready to give the best of myself and put all my skills at your disposal if you give me the opportunity. By informing you that I am somewhat put you in touch with my training centre for further information.

My performances:

Field of view games

Masters Ball

Good edge speed




You can write me. I AM IMPATIENT TO RECEIVE YOUR ANSWER. Please accept the spirit of my highest consideration and hope to meet with you

Sincerely. Huberson.

Noted: I am a very good player and available for the evolution of your team thank you


am a good player that just joined,so i saw your posting (What is he on about ? We have never advertised on this !...Ed.) that your club needs players so i decided to apply ,i hope my file will be attended to ,please i need to play for you me

am a good player that has played as far as good concrete football

i started football right from my childhood,i know that am fit to play in kind of conditions,all i ask of you i to give an invitation for trials so as to come and show case the stuff am made off

sir, football is all about your possibilites i know am fit/right person for this your team

all i ask is you acknowlegdement please sir help me to be able to come & play good fotball

am also a utility player that plays any where in the attack,

please i hope you can help me in your team

this is my cv

                                       CURRICULUM VITEA


Name:                Ifeanyi Nwacheli Owacheli

Nationality;         Nigerian

Mentor;             Ronaldihno

                       1994-my dad handed me over to coach phillp udame

Junior young star fc;1994-1997,

                       played as a striker,started with learning of pass, crosses

                       given award as the best player in a tournament

                       transfered to juinor arsenal(local club nigeria)  as a result of parental transfer

Juinor Arsenalfc     1998-2000

                       played for my primary school as a good striker

                       played till graduation,won primary school game with my school team,captain primary school team at st peter's primary school pitch  

St patrick's        2001-2003

school team       played in my juinor class as a left back because i was too small according to my school team coach,but latter became a skillful player

                        we lost out in the secondary school games because of no good goal keeper back to young star football club as a good striker

Youngstar FC     2003-TILL DATE

                          am a good striker with intelligence that a player can't predict me when am with a ball,i can play for as long as 3 hours continuously

                          i have skills as much that a strker has to beat an opponent am fit,i can't do without fittness,fittness is the motto of my club

                          well is all good.

Wednesday, 30 January, 2008  Hello

Dear Sir,

I am very happy to be given the opportunity to air my views to your authoritatious office.

I am Razack Nuhu from Ghana and 15 years,will be 16 on october 31st and i am very good at football which i have decided to take it as a career.I am very good at any position and especially defending.I will like to ask for your help to have a chance to play for your under 16 team.I will like to end here and will be happy to hear fromyou soon.Bye. -Razack

Monday, 31 December, 2007  Please give me a chance to prove in your club to the world that football is really my profession.

Dear Sir,

I am in a mood of pleasure writing to you this letter.

How is your club fairing I know by the grace of God and your hard work everything is moving on well.

In starting, I will like to say that am writing this letter to the management in order for them to give me a chance or the invitation for trials.

Am Daniel serwornu a 21 year old central defender from Ghana. Am very talented young player, very strong and very submissive

Seriousness at my training grounds is always the things colleagues praise me about.

I love football/soccer very well. I realized that soccer was my profession at the age of ten (10) when I was in school as the sports captain.

Sir I always have the desire, the focus, the dream, the vision and the determination to go outside for trials to excel in my football profession

I can also assure the management of the club that I’m a good player and they will never regret inviting me for trials. Because the is no way I will not pass the trails.

Attached to this letter is my CV with my recent football pictures.

In conclusion, I believe as a great management of this reputable club you Would give me the invitation for the trails.

May the Lord God almighty let this club grow rapidly to the worlds recognition

And may His protection be with you all.

Hope to here from you soon.

Yours faithfully

Daniel Serwornu